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elle daniel provides signature shades, using eye-popping vintage and contemporary fabrics. The result? Whimsical alternatives to the mundane.

We are happy to personalize your shade

Custom Lamp Shades by elle daniel of Sarasota, Florida

Handmade Lamp Shades of the Highest Quality

At elle daniel, we’re experts in high quality, custom lamp shades. We handcraft our shades with care, personalizing each shade for our client. Our custom lamp shades span a wide range of colors, shapes and styles — from modern to retro to vintage. We also design custom shades from fabric sent to us by clients — fabric with special meaning and nostalgia — in order to create a family heirloom and treasured keepsake.

Lampshade Shapes and Sizes

Your custom lamp shades can be made in any size needed to fit your space, your style and/or your lamp base. We create shades in a wide range of shapes — from large modern drum shades to petite vintage chandelier shades.

Lampshade Trims and Embellishments

If desired, we can decorate your custom lamp shades with special trims or embellishments, including cords, ribbons, pompoms, tassels and more. Each of our custom lamp shades is truly unique, designed especially for you.

Sarasota Lamp Shade Studio

If you live in or near Sarasota, Florida, please feel free to make an appointment to visit Linda’s lampshade studio. Linda works closely with clients in Sarasota and all around the world to create one-of-a-kind custom lamp shades.

Custom Lampshades for Your Home or Business in Sarasota and Beyond

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