elle daniel lamp shade pictured in Sarasota Herald-Tribune with Mission Avenue Studio

Sarasota, FL – An elle daniel lamp shade appears in a recent article by the Sarasota Herald-Tribune. The piece is a wonderful profile of our partner, Mission Avenue Studio (MAS) — a retailer of repurposed home decor and furnishings. Pictured below, the drum lamp shade directly behind Bernabe Somoza (founder of MAS) has been designed and created by elle daniel. (Photo Credit: HERALD-TRIBUNE STAFF PHOTO / DAN WAGNER)

elle daniel lamp shade featured in Mission Avenue Studio photo by the Sarasota Herald Tribune

The Sarasota Herald Tribune article discusses how MAS seizes upon the potential of vintage home decor and furniture by refinishing and repurposing the pieces. MAS has repurposed roughly 2,600 pieces in the four years they have been in business. The MAS team has the skill to repair, paint and reupholster vintage furniture and home decor that dates from the mid-1940s to the early 1980s. Like elle daniel, MAS is located in Sarasota, Florida, but boasts clients across the nation.

Why did MAS partner with elle daniel? Both companies cater to consumers who are rebelling against home decor that is mass produced and poorly made. We believe in quality home decor with character and flare to inspire and beautify your space. We want your decor to match your style and your personality.

Like MAS, elle daniel offers unique and custom decor. elle daniel lamp shades are meticulously handcrafted for each client. Not only do we create custom lamp shades, we also sell one-of-a-kind and designer lamp shades in our Etsy store. With exquisite detail, we design lamp shades for home decor, office decor and commercial decor.


Linda Daniel is a rebel with a cause. An avid rule-breaker and non-conformist, this fierce firecracker founded elle daniel, inc, a custom lampshade design firm, when she discovered there were few options to the common white shade. An ever-classic middle child, Linda screams for attention with her whimsical, bold and eclectic designs. Inspired by Dorothy Draper’s passion for mixing colors and patterns, she magically converts a mundane area into a fresh, charming haven. Each elle daniel shade is handmade and signed by the artist and is an extension of Linda’s natural flair to surprise and delight her clients around the world. Linda Daniel is a Sterling Partner of the Interior Design Society and a member of the Sarasota Chapter of IDS.

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